Saturday, May 9, 2015

High End VS Drugstore Make-Up!


Why do we always think that the most expensive things are the best and the prettiest? Why do we always crave them so much? Why do we always want what we can't have and if we can why don't we ever have enough?

I'm also guilty as charged! I do love Dior, Chanel & YSL and the list goes on and on.. 

A few years ago I would never even think about it to buy "cheap" make-up.. In my mind it was all bad! It was bad for my skin and it would wear off in a minute anyway..

Strange enough I've never been a real big M.A.C fan.. I guess I own one M.A.C lipstick and I the one M.A.C eye shadow I had because I didn't like it at all.. I did use up a whole bottle of M.A.C nail polish but I also used it to paint the lock my friend and me hang on the lock bridge in Paris (I guess now you know how much I cared about it)

I do like some of their stuff but well I just don't care for it so much to spend a lot of money on it! And I really hate the fact that all of their LE is always sold out so soon and I don't have the time to chase a lipstick ;P

At first I really only owned Dior and Chanel Make-Up and I also own some YSL lipsticks and LOVE them! I had everything I needed and I didn't want to try other brands.. But then the Urban Decay Naked pallet came out and everybody raved about it so I really wanted to try it and that's where it started.. The beginning of my (Not so small but I've seen waaaaay bigger stashes) Make-Up stash was born..

At first still I only did buy high end Make-Up like Urban Decay, Benefit, Too Faced and Bare Minerals, everything they sell at Sephora, but then one day Eccense came out with a nice LE so I decided to try it because I just liked it so much (The packaging though, I'm a sucker for that!)

I really did like the pigmentation and from that day on I decided to give all drugstore Make-Up a chance!

I picked up things from all kind of brands.. Maybelline, 'L oreal, Bourjois, Rimmel, Catrice, Essence and lots more.. I also started to like two of the brands they only sell at Ici Paris.. Be Creative and Only You.. And I really love the English brand Sleek! Now I really don't care anymore.. Make-Up is Make-Up and I want to try everything!

I recently bought some stuff from Kiko Milano and Make-Up Revolution London.. I really love both of the brands and it's all so affordable!

Of course I still sometimes crave for A Dior or Chanel lipstick, nail polish or blush but I do realize now I can buy a ton of drugstore Make-Up for the money I spend on one item of high end make-up..

I also know that when I walk on the streets no one will ever know if I'm wearing a Dior lipstick (€24) or a Essence one (€2,40) and ok, yes, maybe I have to redo my lips some more with the Essence one but who cares? I can buy 10 different colors instead of one and I really love to change my Make-Up every single day.. Sometimes I even will wear another lipstick at night..

Getting out of my comfort zone with Make-Up really was an eye opener to me.. Yes I do still spend the same amount of money at Make-Up every single month because I just love it, but now I just can buy a lot more than before! And every now and than I will splurge on some high end but only if I really think I need that one special thing so much it's worth it :)

If I have things I don't like or really don't use anymore I will give it away to one of my sisters so they can use it and I guess they don't mind me buying loads of Make-Up ;)

xoxo Rachel Marilyn

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rimmel Rita Ora Colorfest..

I just can't tell you guys how much I love this nail polish collection..
The colors are just perfect!!
I don't love them all but I do love most of them enough to own 7 of them :)

The ones in the first row I love the most, especially for spring!
I already did wear 4 of the colors and they are so pretty on your nails..
Pigmentation also is amazing..
I did two coats but I always do even if you can pull it of with one, it's one of my strange habits I guess ;P

This is the color I love the most! (Don't judge me on my Mickey Mouse pants xD)
The price of the nail polishes over here is €3,99 but they are almost always on sale somewhere for 50% off or buy one get one free :D
Right now they are buy one get one free over here in Holland at DA ;)

In total there are 12 colors to choose from ;)

xoxo Rachel Marilyn

Monday, April 6, 2015

Cinderella 2015 ♥

A couple of weeks ago the new Cinderella movie came out and I was very excited for it!
I saw it in theater the day after it came out over here in The Netherlands and I really loved it 
I love Disney and I really like what they did here..
I really recommend everybody to go see the movie..

What excites me even more are the Make-Up collections around this movie that are coming out!
The first one I would like to show you is the most affordable one (And to be honest the one I like most) and that is the one from Essence..

At the end of this month they will release the Essence Cinderella trend edition..
They will come out with a eye shadow palette, a blush, a highlighter, two lip glosses, four nail polishes, a topcoat and two sets of nail stickers..
I can't wait for this to come out and I think I will buy everything of this beautiful collection!

The second one is the  Cinderella collection of MAC..
Just as beautiful, but way more expensive than the Essence one..
I personally own some MAC make-up and I love it but I don't think I will spend this much money on this collection..
Yesterday they launched the collection on the website over here but everything is already sold out!
 Next week the collection will be in stores over here, but I guess you have to run for it if you want it  ;) 

xoxo Rachel Marilyn

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I'm Back!!

Hi everybody! 

It's a looooong time ago that I did A blog post.. 

A lot has changed in the last couple of years and my life got turned upside down but It only got better and I'm very happy now :)

One thing didn't change and that's my love for Make-Up and Fashion and that's why I decided to start to blog again..

I did delete a lot of my old blog posts but there will be a lot of new ones I promise ;) 

xoxo Rachel Marilyn

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

True Love ♥

True love has no boundaries.. Or no expiration date.. One day it will find you.. Maybe not at the right time or the right place, but if it really is true love it will wait for you!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

London ♥

Last weekend I went to London with my sister and I loved it!!
Our plane took off Friday morning at 07:15 so we had to be at Schiphol at 05:15.. That’s very early for me and normally I just sleep by then so I didn’t sleep at all that night.. It’s just a flight of 50 minutes and in London it’s one hour earlier than over here so it still was very early when we got there.. We went to our hotel, put our stuff away, fixed ourselves up a bit and then we went straight to Oxford street to do some shopping!!

After a few hours of shopping we went back to the hotel to take a shower and change our clothes.. Then we went to Oxford street again to eat something and went to the Dominion theatre to see the musical We will rock you.. It was a awesome musical, we really loved it!! My sister and I both love the music of Queen and if you do you really have to see this musical! It also ran in Holland for some time but it was in Dutch and I don’t like musicals in Dutch so I was very happy that we could see it in London! After the show we went to the hotel again to get some sleep ‘cause we were very tired..

The next day we did get up early.. After breakfast we went to do some more shopping and we did some sightseeing.. We went to Harrods, Sloane street (Where Dior, Louis Vuitton and all the other beautiful stores are ♥), Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham palace, The Big Ben and The London Eye.. We did a lot of walking and we were very tired but we ended up in Oxford street again because there were a couple of shops left we wanted to go to..

We went back to the hotel with a lot of bags! We changed our clothes and after that we had some dinner.. After dinner we packed our bags again for the next day and our suitcases almost didn’t close anymore! After that we watched some TV and went to sleep ‘cause we were very tired from walking and shopping..

Sunday morning we had to get up early to catch our plane home.. We had a great time in London and I’m going again some time for sure!

(All the pictures I used are from the internet ‘cause the camera we brought died on us after like one hour so the only pictures we took were with our phones and they aren’t much :( Another reason to go back again soon!)
xoxo Rachel Marilyn

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Addiction.. Lip Smackers ♥

You already know some of my addictions but here is another one.. Lip Smackers!!
I really love them
I use them on a daily basis ever since I was a little girl..
In 1973 Bonne Bell introduced a flavored lip balm called Lip Smackers and it was a huge success.. The very first Lip Smacker was Strawberry flavored and nowadays you have them in all sorts of flavors such as fruits, candies or soft drinks.. Bonne Bell also has partnered its Lip Smacker brand with many other brands like Skittles, Coca Cola Company, M&M’S and recently Paul Frank..

I just started to collect them at first and had all sorts but then I thought it’s a waist to have them and not use them so now I use them all.. They are not so easy to get anymore in Holland so when I see them I buy all the flavors I love at once or I order them on the internet..

This post reminds me I only have 6 left and I use them a lot so it’s time to order some new ones ;)
xoxo Rachel Marilyn

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope all your dreams and wishes may come true in 2012 ;)
I hope you all had a nice New Years Eve with all your friends and loved ones!
I had to work New Years Eve, but I still did have some friends and family around me so it was a nice night :)
Sam, Natasja & Me

My New Year’s resolutions this year are to have even more fun in 2012 than I had in 2011 and spend a lot of time with my friends and loved ones.. I want to travel more again and I really want to be in New York on New Years Eve this year!! I also want to visit some of my friends who live a little further away from me some more this year! I broke some friendships last year and I build some strong new ones and the people who are still in my life now are very important to me!!
Do you guys have some New Year’s resolutions?

xoxo Rachel Marilyn

Saturday, December 24, 2011